Monday, May 30, 2011

Mind Sieve 5/30/11

Running late but hope I can get this up to show up on time.  Wheee!

From SoonerCon, new Batman video game announced - Gotham City Impostors. It'll be a downloadable 1st Person shooter. Sounds cool!

FansOfMovies shared all sorts of preview clips this week!
     Transformers 3 - Lt Colonel William Lennox
     Cars 2 Official Featurette - Back Into Cars
     Super 8 - Train Sequence 4 (I swear this yellow car with the black stripe is in everything! NCIS being the main place I recall. I know it's shown up elsewhere too?)
     TotalFilms shared - the first Batman Live trailer. (It's a stage show! How mental is that? lol)
     A new Muppets movie!!!!  Wow that's been like forever. (Preview starts out weird, but wait for it!!! Muppet Domination!!!) SQUEEE!
     X-Men: First Class movie clip "Be Normal"

Mark Dougherty shared a breaking story about lost pyramids and ancient Egyptian cities being found from Space! Totally cool!

GalaxyDallas shared a link to How a Solar Sail might work. Spiffy stuff! (My inner geek is showing! Heh heh

JAFurtado shared a link to a tutorial for HTML5. Dang it! More code to learn. lol. (I can see revisions to the website sometime in my future. lol)

Kristen Lamb's Twitter Tuesday #17 - Branding: There Can Be Only One!

Tony Eldridge shares a list of Free Toys and Downloads - List 3

Blog post by Kristen Lamb on the proper use of # on Twitter. Twitter Tuesday #18 (I am so guilty of this one! lol. But I have been changing #'s on RT'd Tweets so I am only partially bad? :P)

Parick Thunstrom did an article to explain many of the settings for TweetDeck. Might be useful for newbies.

Nathan Bradford shows the correct way to (Really is an easy thing to misunderstand.)

Natalie Sisson tells us How to Build a Thriving Blog by Being Yourself. (Hah! If it could only be this easy! Must work at this! lol)

Pam Moore list 3 Easy Steps to Increase Sharing of Your Blog Posts! (I am woefully behind on this... *sniff*)

Jami Gold tells us What Disneyland Can Teach Us About World Building. (My only caveat on this is to make sure not to get carried away! No info dumps. A bit at a time.)

Kristen Lamb's series on writing books - this week Structure Part 2.

Rosemary Clemment-Moore shares a Perfect Writing Day - NOT!

Kristen Lamb tells us What "Finding Nemo" Can Teach Can Teach Us About Story Action.

Pat Hauldren shares - Log Lines What Are They?  (I use these for my table toppers. So mine are super short. Publisher asked for one for The Price of Mercy (a very short one) "Which is worse...the monster withing or without?" Totally encapsulates the book. :)

From Marcy Kennedy's blog - 6 Grammar Mistakes That Will Cost You Readers (Larry) has a post Part 2: A Deeper Understanding of Craft. Some deep thinking here folks!

How to Read a Contract - What's Not There from PassiveVoice.

That's it. Brain is BURNED! Took way longer than normal this week for some reason, but then there was like a TON of stuff this past week! Dang!

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