Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/9/11

I was actually quite surprised by a couple of pics I took in the last two weeks. I'd figured the sky was done giving me fabulous views since the sun was rising earlier than before. I was wrong...

Case in point...

Crispin Freeman shared a gorgeous photo of the Japanese Gardens in Balboa Park in Los Angeles, CA. Look at the blue!

This one is another cool view, which he entitled Floating Like A Lily Pad.

His third is of a Sakura Tree in bloom. Very nice!

I got this one from one of the vendors at the DFW Writers Conference. A Tiara Cap! Makes me wish I wore hats! lol.

From the Cassini Saturn Mission comes this super cool pic - Beyond Southern Rhea Like a globe sitting on a table. WOW.

Beth Riesgraph shares this amazing pic of way too much snow and ice. Read the Warning Sign in the back. :P

And to wrap up this week's set of pics, I'll leave you with this colorful beauty!

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