Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/16/11

Even though I was totally out of commission for most of last week, I did manage to get a few pictures before I succumbed to the evil cold. (This is also the first time I'm doing this type of blog post from the new fandangled multi loader so should be exciting how much I have to fix before you all see it! Hah!)

The flowers from the red tree in the back yard last but maybe a week. Got lucky and actually got a couple of shots of them this year.

Hubby helped out a friend in clearing out a shed from an older lady who was about to go into an assited living facility. It seems they were big proponents back in the day of having extra food and stuff in case of the apocalypse. I got the friend to send me a couple of pics as these are not things you see everyday! Thought I'd share them with you.

Look at the size of that can! John said they weighed a ton. Six to a box. And they had a whole shed full. Perma-Pak, baby!

And while I huddled in my chair, hoping to sleep away or immobilize my cold, a beautiful and unexpected picture moment appeared! Matt, Drew, and their puppy child, Serenity. Adorable!!!! (Just don't tell them! I'll be killed! :P)

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