Friday, March 18, 2011

Movie Review - Beastly


Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Mary-Kate Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Neil Patrick Harris, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Peter Krause and more.
Directed/Screenplay by: Daniel Barnz Based on the Novel by: Alex Flinn Original Music by: Marcelos Zarvos

Premise: Modern retelling of the Beauty and the Beast in New York City.

Review: I'm a sucker for Beauty and the Beast movies. There's just certain tales that I will go watch every time they're redone. This is one of them. And I'm glad I did.

Everyone involved with the film gave it a fun, fresh feel to the old story. Some nice chemistry or the beginnings of chemistry between super popular Kyle and and down to earth Lindy right before the world gave out under Kyle's feet. The addition of Neal Patrick Harris was brilliant. A nice bringer of humor to lighten the dark, somber, estranged Kyle. And you'll love Mary-Kate Olsen as the witch. Too fun!

All the original earmarks of the tale of Beauty and the Beast are here - a test failed by Kyle which gets him cursed; the one year time limit to find true love; fate giving Kyle a way to strong arm Lindy's father to have her stay at his home; roses.

Having said that, there are also many new surprises. Reasons are shown why Kyle was the shallow, skin deep only boy we meet at the beginning. The transformation of Kyle is not into a beast but someone with tattoos, torn skin, embedded metal. And the sign of his curse, the way to keep track of its progress - some really nice subtle special effects for this one - a giant rose bush with roots in his hand and up his wrist, with the crown on his arm - and it goes through the seasons. There was a section passage of time that was also done in a subtle surreal way that totally complemented the film.

The ending had a slight twist from the norm, which was also a nice surprise. I especially liked the question it through in, the spiking of unexpected tension after he believes Lindy's gone on her trip - will she know him now as she did then? (No, I won't explain. Don't want to spoil it!) Fun film!

Rating: 4 out of 5 (No hubby rating as he didn't want to see it. Now I get to rib him that he missed a good one. Nyah!)

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