Monday, March 21, 2011

Mind Sieve 3/21/11

Sickness and whatnot made me a slacker, but hope to make up for it this week! Let's see what goodies I can share with you.

Fan Fun

Dr Horrible has passed on the word that his blog will now be a book! ScifiMania has an article/review about it.

Social Media/Author Platforms

Kristen Lamb talk Twitter and how not to be a Tool!

Another zinger from Kristen Lamb on how to write blogs. Basically how to do it and remain sane. But even more so, the difference style/tone for blogs compared to our other writing!

Writing Advice

Kristen Lamb shares tips about dieting and exercising and actually makes them tie back to writing and author platforms! I kid you not! lol. So here is Opportunity Comes in Overalls.

The guys at YAFantasyGuide share a list of agents interested in the Fantasy genre.

Jenny Hansen has a great post on How To Build Your Writing Team. Some great advice and also lots of links to other info. You might be on this one a while. :P

Rachel Gardner has a great post on Publishing Myths. Some great truths in here, ya'll!

On the same vein I present Chuck Wendig's post called Lies Writer's Tell. More myth busting goodness!

And Candace Havens talks to us writer types about Desperation. It's all about the attitude!


  1. Gloria,

    Thanks for including my Writing Team blog in your mash-up. Plus you did me the honor of including me with my blogging heroes, Chuck Wendig and Kristen Lamb. Great way to start my morning!

  2. Heh heh. Happy to help!


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