Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/2/11

Welcome to another week of pics!

First I present to you a fiery sunset! (Sky is on fire! Run for yours lives!) :P

There are some cute little seasonal birds that show up around our house in winter. I put the word out on Twitter and Facebook to try to find out what kind they were. The verdict was Junco Birds. Here's a link to a nice pic of one. The one I tried to take with the phone was a major fail. Really need to learn to keep the camera charged.

And speaking of birds...
From @ChuckWendig - Titmouse - they do exist!

Shared by @ColleenLindsay - Hello Kitty Dalek. No joke! Too funny.

From by @HuffPostGreen - Artificial Reefs - cool looking stuff!

Another weird one this week...
Shared by @KimberlyRPauley - a car literally covered in grass instead of a paint job. And driving it around town!

I do these posts in advance and last week was hellish, so didn't get to troll or take as many as I would have liked. Hopefully will have plenty more next week.

I'll leave you with fiery sunset redux!

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