Monday, January 31, 2011

MInd Sieve 1/31/11

Life has hellish this week so not as much time to sift through links to pull out the good stuff. Hopefully will do better next week! (Wish me luck!)


Shared by @ColleenLindsay - Win a full edit from Del Rey/Spectra, maybe even get published! (Ooo sweet!)


Shared by @ColleenLindsay - Comic Con Registration opens Feb 5th!


From @KristenLambTX - Gluten - the evil assasin! (I am thinking I suffer from this. And maybe my daughter!)


From @NASA - NASA has aSolar Sail currently working out in low orbit. This could be super cool!

Writing Advice

From @GloriaOliver - Let's Talk Dialect. My guest post over at Obscure YA Authors.

Shared by @KristenLambTX - Part Book ad but also has lots of TRUTHs about writing.

Shared by @inkyelbows - How do you know if your writing is improving? Some helpful tips.

From @inkyelbows - How to read like a writer. Why reading can prove so good for you.

From @NathanBransford - How to use Twitter.

From @CandaceHavens - There's always more to learn as a writer. Continuing your author education.

Shared by @inkyelbows - Critique Groups - be informed - what to look for!

From @ChuckWendig - Writer Reality Check from HELL! (You do have to REALLY want it, guys.) :P

From @gailcarriger - What is Steampunk. Nice explanation and tons of sources where you can see it in movies, books, and more!

Have an awesome week! And happy reading!

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