Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Read an E-book Week and Free E-books!


The time has come around once more for Read and E-book Week. E-book awareness has been rising in the last few years. And you all can cash in big time with some free books!

Don't know what an e-book is? Would like some info? has set up a page to discuss what they are, the numerous ways they can be read, free computer program readers, resources and more.

Zumaya Publications has also jumped into the act by offering several of their titles for FREE for the week! One of them is my first book In the Service of Samurai . So if you've not given in to temptation before to check it out, this might be the time!

Here are all the free books Zumaya has place for the week so far:

In the Service of Samurai by Gloria Oliver (YA Fantasy)

Synergy by M D Benoit (Science Fiction)

Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows by David Lynn Anderson (Fantasy)

Milky Way Marmalade by Michael DiCerto (Science Fiction Comedy ala Hitchhiker's)

The Dream Ender by Dorien Grey (Thriller)

So how about checking out what e-books are all about and getting some free reads too! Should be a blast!

Tell your friends!

Have a good one!

Gloria Oliver
Unveiling the Fantastic

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about Read an E-Book Week, Gloria, and thanks for mentioning my "The Dream Ender" and the other available Zumaya books. I hope "In the Service of Samurai" gets a ton of hits!

    Best regards,



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