Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quirky Top 10 List of Things Never to Do!

1) Never ask a vampire if he'd like a drink

2) Never ask the bride's mother how she is holding out an hour before the wedding

3) Never sign insurance papers when you and your sweetheart are gazing down at Niagara Falls

4) Never lend a relative money if you expect to get it back

5) Never just do something because someone says "I dare ya"

6) Never not use a condom just because your partner says "It's just this one time, nothing will happen"

7) Never offer to put a flea collar on a werewolf

8) Never leave a ferret in a room full of open cans and half filled cups

9) Never assume that a weather forecast is correct in Texas

10) Never say Never, you just never know when it could be now!

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