Friday, October 27, 2006

Book Review -- A Storm of Swords

A Storm of Swords - Book 3 of the Ice and Fire Series

by George RR Martin

Premise: Book 3 of the Ice and Fire series. The big war for the capital is over. Dark betrayal and darker magic become the rule of the day as the true war of gods is getting underway.

Review: And I thought the previous volumes were dark! Aiiiieeee. Just when I thought not much worse could happen to a number of these people, I am proved wrong in spades! If there is one message this book carries is no good deed goes unpunished! LOL. Many characters sacrificed a lot for their people and others and in this volume their sacrifice is basically spit back in their faces. Dark gets darker! More hints at the war that is coming, more blossoming powers, and a chilling last chapter. Martin is a marvellous writer with awesome characters, but dang it these books are depressing! lol. Of course, like most train wrecks, you just can't make yourself look away. Book 4 here I come! ***3/4!!!!


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I have to agree with you about how sad they are. Sooner or later there aren't going to be many people I like left in these books.

  2. Heh, yeah and what they've done to Catelyn. Brrrrrrrr.


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