Friday, September 15, 2006

Convention - Animefest 2006

Animefest 2006

Yes, Animefest was over the whole holiday weekend on 9/1 - 9/4/06! Since I had no panels at this one, I pretty much manned my table all 4 days and hocked books. (Looking into the dealer's room is bad! Checking out any anime is bad! I am safer at my table. lol!)

Saw many familiar faces and even got to meet some friends again I hadn't seen in a while. Some fabulous costumes were making the rounds. My table was set at an angle to the Dealer's Room entrance so I had a wonderful vantage point of everyone coming and going.

Enjoyed my table neighbor, the Cosplay Lady, who was making cell phone danglies on demand and was quite good at it. She also won the Grand Prize for Best of Show for her costume recreation for Edward from Full Metal Alchemist. I got to see her after she got prepped and it was dang impressive indeed! She was truly meticulous in getting all the details right.

Parking prices were up this year and they locked the pedestrian entrance to the hotel so lugging my stuff was no fun. Did get lucky once and was able to go in by the garage entrance, and on the last day I brought hubby along to do the lugging. :P

Overall it was a good con and I think the con goers enjoyed themselves. Now to wait for next year! :P

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