Friday, September 15, 2006

Book Review -- Firestorm

Firestorm - Book 5 of the Weather Warden Series
by Rachel Caine

Premise: The culmination of troubles for Joanne, for humanity, is at hand. Mother Earth is waking and she is not happy! Not able to trust David, yet able to do anything but, despite the fact the Earth could turn him and all other Djinn into unthinking killing machines, Joanne set offs with little hope but lots of spunk on the one slim hope left to humanity. As Joanne heads out to try to save the world as she knows it, it becomes terribly obvious not all those around want it saved and are willing to do whatever it takes to try and stop her.

Review: Though I did not think it possible, this volume is even more of a whirlwind than the others! I was turning pages in a tornadic frenzy to see what would happen next. Everything happens in a short time in a very fast way (Making up for giving us a little breathing space in book 4! lol) and we feel Joanne's urgency in the tight way the plot was presented. Some very telling character peeks are inserted in there but don't blink or you'll miss them! Some hint at being very very important in my opinion! And when you reach the end, you will join me in thinking Rachel Caine is Eeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllll! lol. We do get chapter 1 of the next book included, but I've heard we can't expect that release till June of 2007. (Wonder if I can extort an ARC copy from her at Fencon? Hmmmm) :P *** 1/2!!!

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