Friday, April 21, 2006

Book Review - The Wheel of the Infinite

The Wheel of the Infinite
Author: Martha Wells

Premise: Maskelle left her high position with the priesthood due to actions 7 years earlier. Now, she has been summoned by the Celestial One and told to return. She picks up a currently free personal guard on the way, as she travels with an acting puppet troupe, who need a curse removed from one of their puppets. The closer she comes to the city, the more signs of things not being normal she runs across. All this as the Hundred Year Ceremony approaches, the one that will remake the world and hold it steady for another century.

Vibrant and rich cultures abound--the characters are used as foils for each other so we can learn the different aspects of them even as the mystery of why Maskelle has been summoned unfolds. A nice adventurous romp with characters you will grow to love! Definitely worth reading. ***1/2

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