Friday, April 21, 2006

Book Review - Ill Wind

Ill Wind
Author: Rachel Caine

Premise: Weather Warden Joanne is in big trouble, really big trouble. The people she works with will either strip her of her powers or kill her if they find out, so rather than stay and explain the death of Bad Bob, her regional supervisor, Joanne goes off to try to find the only person she thinks might help, Lewis, a renegade warden. Only problem is, someone or something out there is determined to make sure she doesn't find him and make her dead.

What a ride! It took me for a ride in a wild tornado, I had a terrible time putting this book down. We come in right in the middle of Joanne's problem and through asides and what trouble she's going through to find Lewis, we slowly but surely get the story of what has put her in such a desperate race in the first place. Joanne, herself, is almost as unpredictable as the weather she works with. She hot, she's sensual, she likes cars, and she means business! Too much fun. ***3/4

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