Friday, April 28, 2006

Movie of the Week - Lucky Slevin

Lucky Slevin

Cast: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, plus

Premise: A young man named Slevin gets caught in a huge case of mistaken identity by two different mob bosses as a hit man manipulates things in the background.

This was a weird puppy. Definitely in no way is it for kids! Though mostly a tongue-in-cheek comedy, the violence portrayed is graphic and strong! I did enjoy it and the mystery behind it all is done well. Bruce Willis was a lot of fun, as were all the cast. Lucy Lou(sp?) and Slevin had good sparks going between them. If you want something a little quirky, mysterious, and some good hitman action, this one is for you. ***!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Book Review - Ill Wind

Ill Wind
Author: Rachel Caine

Premise: Weather Warden Joanne is in big trouble, really big trouble. The people she works with will either strip her of her powers or kill her if they find out, so rather than stay and explain the death of Bad Bob, her regional supervisor, Joanne goes off to try to find the only person she thinks might help, Lewis, a renegade warden. Only problem is, someone or something out there is determined to make sure she doesn't find him and make her dead.

What a ride! It took me for a ride in a wild tornado, I had a terrible time putting this book down. We come in right in the middle of Joanne's problem and through asides and what trouble she's going through to find Lewis, we slowly but surely get the story of what has put her in such a desperate race in the first place. Joanne, herself, is almost as unpredictable as the weather she works with. She hot, she's sensual, she likes cars, and she means business! Too much fun. ***3/4

Book Review - The Wheel of the Infinite

The Wheel of the Infinite
Author: Martha Wells

Premise: Maskelle left her high position with the priesthood due to actions 7 years earlier. Now, she has been summoned by the Celestial One and told to return. She picks up a currently free personal guard on the way, as she travels with an acting puppet troupe, who need a curse removed from one of their puppets. The closer she comes to the city, the more signs of things not being normal she runs across. All this as the Hundred Year Ceremony approaches, the one that will remake the world and hold it steady for another century.

Vibrant and rich cultures abound--the characters are used as foils for each other so we can learn the different aspects of them even as the mystery of why Maskelle has been summoned unfolds. A nice adventurous romp with characters you will grow to love! Definitely worth reading. ***1/2

Movie of the Week - The Wild

The Wild
(Computer Animated)

Premise: Young lion having adolescent issues with his father, accidentally gets trapped in an animal carrier and taken from the Zoo. His father and several friends, break out of the Zoo to go after him and bring him home.

This is a cute little tale with a couple of themes/issues running through it. One from the side of the son, is not being able to live up to his father's reputation. The other, which springs later, is the father needing to reveal certain truths about himself to his son.

Though not as fun as Madagascar, the film still had many cute moments. The dancing Wildebeest scene was a hoot! Also enjoyed the many of the quirky animals we meet, especially the chameleons. The koala was not very funny, but the thread they do with him about the plushies is. Definitely worth a look, just don't set expectations too high. :P ***

Friday, April 07, 2006

Movie of the Week - Inside Man

Inside Man
Cast: Jody Foster, Denzel Washington.

Premise: A cop, currently in some hot water with the precinct, gets a break and is assigned to a bank robbery in progress. The police believe they caught they've trapped them in the bank. Yet what we see says different.

The perfect robbery - or is it? Nice game of cat and mouse and misdirection. Some great acting and some very smart doings. Enjoyed it tons!
Beautiful set up. ***3/4

Movie of the Week - Ice Age 2

Enjoyed Ice Age 1, enjoyed Ice Age 2 even more!
There was lots and lots of Scrat! The plot was good, and we had lots of Scrat! Love Scrat! And the ending bit was beautiful! lol. All the returning characters were great and there were a whole bunch of new character/creatures to to meet and have fun.
If you liked Ice Age 1, you will love #2! Lots of fun!
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