Saturday, December 24, 2005

Anime - GANTZ

I love anime. Been watching it since I was a little kid. Now that the Japanese explosion is in full swing there is more of it available than I will ever have time to watch. :)

A recent series I've seen is called GANTZ. This anime is NOT for children, but for a more mature audience. It paints a picture of modern society and peoples which is rather gruff and without pink glasses or any kind.

The story unfolds as Kei is a a train station waiting for his ride. A homeless man falls on the tracks. Most of the people there stare, but none make a move to help him, including Kei. But then a childhood friend Kei has not seen in years jumps down to the tracks and seeing him, asks him to help. Grudgingly, and with his inner thoughts revealed, Kei eventually gets down there to help him. The get the man out, but since no one else is still providing any aid, Kei and his old friend end up getting hit by the oncoming train.

Enter GANTZ - Kei and his friend are rematerialized in a typical Tokyo apartment where other people who have recently died appear. GANTZ, a giant black ball, has messages appear on its surface and gives them instructions on an alien they need to go out and kill.

They've been given a second chance at life, but if they do not complete the missions they die permanently, they can get killed during the mission as well. And they can't leave a confined area during the mission. Once it is done though, they go back to their regular lives until called again.

Filled with violence, some sex, and disturbing social thoughts and images, a deeper story begins to develop as Kei slowly thaws out of his apathy and begins to care and get involve.

The ending to this is harsh and also took some thought to figure out on my part. My take on it is that GANTZ and the old lady were running a test on humanity. She picked the main participant and then put him in the game which GANTZ keeps changing and cheating, to prove whether someone like Kei can become a champion for humanity or not. Luckily, he is and GANTZ stops. Truly bizzare series

Happy Holiday Wishes!

Regardless of your religion or beliefs, just wanted to wish you a set of Happy Holidays! May you have fun, stay healthy, and progress on all your goals for the coming year!

News - Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles

Howdy, all!

Just wanted to let you know that 3 sample Chapters of "Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles" are now posted at the site The book should see release around June 2006 from HardShell Word Factory. It is a YA Fantasy Adventure.

Talia didn’t want to be apprenticed, not even to the prestigious Dragon Knight’s Guild. She is taken to the school by a cross-eyed dragon and his partner, Kel. A dizzying, madcap ride leaves her less than eager to be a knight, but soon she finds out the guild has need of many types of people. Running into the dragon and squire again and again, she comes to realize the unlikely pair are outsiders in their own school—participants of the dragon-human pairing ritual, which in the end didn’t work quite as intended. They are stubborn loners who are determined to overcome the obstacles in their path and make a true pair, as was intended. Or are they?

As Talia’s first year at the guild evolves, she must deal with the quirks of the Administrator, her lessons, the odd rules of the school, the students, the mystery of Clarence and Kel, and somewhere in there, possibly decide what it is she wants for her own future.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Movie of the Week - King Kong

Have been eagerly awaiting this release once I saw the previews, but then almost got cold feet as they started the mega hype campaign (normally a bad sign). Went to see it Friday, trying to keep an open mind, and was thrilled to find it to be all I had hoped for and more.

CGI and special effects were outstanding overall. Kong himself was MARVELLOUS! Not only did they study gorilla form and behavior, which is obvious, but the big ape himself is oozing with personality.

Kong does not appear for the first 115 minutes, but that was fine by me as it gave plenty of time for us to meet and become acquainted with everyone else embroiled in the story. There are many wonderful characters, from the manic director, the ego filled actor (who much to my surprise was the lead from Early Edition - yay!), the playwright, the actress, the captain, his first mate, and the stowaway turned crew.

The island was creepy, the islanders even more so. Lots of jungle and creatures and icky bugs and more. Tons of action! And even a love triangle, which was lovely to watch as in several parts the ape and the playwright mirrored the same emotions toward Ann.

The recreations of New York in the 30's was very impressive, and loved the in-joke about Fay Raye currently being busy doing a movie for RKO. (For those who might not be familiar with King Kong, Fay Raye (sp?) was the girl in the original black and white King Kong.

Absolutely a must see! Whether you've ever seen a King Kong film or not, this is very mcuh worthwhile. Impressive piece of work. ****!!!

Movie of the Week - Narnia

Based on the beloved books, Hollywood brings us Narnia - The Lion, the Witch, and the Warddrove. Quite a nice film and from what I can recall (having read the book a long time ago) pretty faithful to the original work. Same awesome CGI work, especially on Aslan and Mr Thomas. Doesn't beat Harry Potter or LOTR, but still worth seeing, and definitely a great way to introduce a new generation to these great children's books. ***

Small Christmas Miracle - Christmas Cards are ready!

Bwahahahaha there's been a small Christmas miracle - I actually have gotten my Christmas cards ready this year! Of course, I still need to get them to the post office, so all bets are off, but I have come much closer than last year. Last year time just seemed to evaporate and I got no cards done at all. Been feeling guilty about it all year and so I strived to do better this year. And, yes, I've done it! It may not seem to be a big thing to most, but with all the stuff going on, work, promo, family, etc it is a nice litttle accomplishement. Heh.

Happy Holidays to all!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Movie of the Week - Pride and Prejudice

Wonderful movie!!!! ****!!!
Truly enjoyed it. All the actors in the film were marvellous. The two principals should win oscars for their performances. And the director should as well. The choreography on several scenes was amazing, and I don't mean the dancing, which was way fun, but how people would glide in and through scenes and barely miss each other amongst crowds of people, it was phenomenal!
Loved the glimpses into daily life flashed for us so we got a more rounded feel for life for these people. A great movie! (Take hankies!)
Very higly recommend it!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Movie of the Week - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Been looking forward to this one!
If you've read the book recently, you may be dissapointed. But only because of how much material they could not get into the movie. The book, which was about twice as thick as the others, had many storylines and info, and I knew when I read it several years ago a lot would have to go. Still, they tried very hard to keep the important facts or to sneak in in abbreviated version a lot of info. So I was quite happy. Loved the visuals for the Quidditch match and the actual field.

Was very surprised, however, to see that Hogwarts itself had changed. The school inside and out was different. After getting pretty much the same layout and look for 3 other films, it was rather a shock. Guess it will probably happen again in forthcoming films.

Overall though, I truly enjoyed it! Growth can be seen in both the characters and the actors. Harry and his friends are defiinitely getting older and you can see it by their conversations. Snape didn't get much air time but what he did have was utterly precious and milked to the max! And Moody was wonderful! Loved the film! ****!

Movie of the Week - Zathura

Now here was a pleasant surprise!
Had not gotten too worked up over the film not sure how they could work this up, but they did a great job. Beginning sequence gives you a feel of the old black and white Sci-Fi movies and stories. The beginning is a little slow as they try to set up the current emotional logistics between the children, and also the parent and older sibling. Once the fun starts though, watch out!
Awesome special effects and a lot of funny bits. Even a surprise or two.
Loads of fun! ***1/2

Movie of the Week - Chicken Little

Well, I had very high hopes for this movie - though once I started seeing all the hype and it being called "The Best Comedy of the Year" I made sure to downgrade my expectations.

It is a very cute film, some way cool effects, even a message! But it wasn't as funny as it could be. Worth seeing, but did not beat Madagascar, Ice Age, or The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. ***

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hunger Site

I've been going to this site for years and clicking on the buttons as well as the associated non-profit organizations on the other tabs. For a few seconds of my time, each day, I've done a little thing that might turn out to mean big things to other people.

In this current time of strife and trouble, it's good to know there are still ways to make a difference. While it is not a big thing, and a lot more can be done, it is something. A way to enable you and me to go out there and do something for others on a consistent basis.

Of course if you have more time or even money to give, by all means do so! But here is a simple way to contribute just a little toward your fellow man, fellow creatures, and planet. Why not go there and give as click? :-)

Movie of the Week - DOOM

Based on the popular first person shooter game, I wasn't too sure what to expect. But, having seen the previews and the fact they stuck in there scenes that put you in the same first person mode you get in the game, I had to check it out.

I was very glad I did! The movie was actually pretty good! Had likeable characters, good fx, wasn't a scare fest, and best of all, had a plausible plot! Whoohoo!

The camera also did some incredible work on facial closeups. Plus the 5 minutes or so the movie goes into first person shooter mode was done at the perfect spot for it. Even better, it was funny! Hilarious scenes at a couple of spots as the shooter guns down the baddies.

A very nice homeage film! ***1/2!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Musical - Wicked

At least once a year, I go with a friend to a musical. This years big musical was Wicked. Wicked is based on a book which takes an alternative view to the actual facts that worked events up to where you see them in the Wizard of OZ. (So I would not suggest you take young children to this only because it will change the way the look at the movie forever.)

The actresses and actors were totally awesome! The music score is pretty catchy as well. Totally adored the mechanized dragon they put at the top of the stage opening. Also the way they created magic effects, while simple, were very effective. Top of form were the two ladies playing Glenda and the Wicked Witch. They were marvellous! And Glenda has never been more blonde! lol.

The only thing I was not happy with was the piece of the plot that sets the Wicked Witch on her path (She's not Wicked it's just the PR portraying her that way). Supposedly the animals, which here talk and are as intelligent as the humans, are regressing. Their ability for speech stripped away. Yet aside from the weather witch, no one else seems to have powers, therefore how were the animals being stripped of theirs? While they point to OZ and his groupies being the culprits, it is never explained how they managed it since they don't have magic (another reason Elthaba was going to be used, because she did have some.) But aside from this, they did try hard to make other things plausible and fit it to the time line of the original Wizard of OZ.

So overall, it was definitely worth seeing. If you get a chance. Check it out!

Movie of the Week - Just Like Heaven

This is an incredibly cute movie. The chemistry between the principals worked pretty well. A lot of cute funny bits. Some real nice situations, and the strings that attach them are like a revelation. ***1/2

Monday, October 10, 2005

Book Review -- Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (Which is now an animated film by Miyazaki -- for those not in the know he is Japan's version of Walt Disney).

As with all her works, Howl's is a quick read which draws you into the world almost immediately, and was a lot of fun. We follow the adventures of Sophie, the oldest of three, who is sure she will never amount to anything because everyone knows it is the youngest siblings who become rich or have adventures. Yet a chance meeting and a case of mistaken identity will find Sophie cursed and out in the world cavorting with dangerous witches and wizards.

The animated film closely follows most of the major components and the feel of the book and characters, but expect some deviations. I loved both!

Movie of the Week - Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were -Rabbit

This film has a short based on the characters of Madagascar -- mainly those crazy adorable penguins! It is not to be missed. I thought my hubby was going to die he was laughing so hard. It is a Christmas piece and it is adorable and quite funny. Those penguins are a total hoot! lol!

Wallace and Gromit were also a lot of fun. There are more rabbit and vegetable jokes than you can possibly want and then some! Subtle subtext for the adults as well as a lot of cute things for the kids. Awesome claywork. A very fun movie! ***3/4!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Movie of the Week - Lord of War

I was going into heavy movie withdrawal! With all the conventions and then the Cellulitis, it's been a bit since I've been able to get myself to the theater! And what a movie to come back to! Whoop!

Lord of War with Nicolas Cage -- This movie is totally fascinating and sometimes outright disturbing. It is a journey into the life of Yuri, narrated by him, and shows the audience how he got into the convoluted world of arms dealing and how it affected him, his family, his life. And boy is he good at it! In some ways that is the whole crux of the problem. He finds his calling.

This film is ripe with funny moments and disturbing images. Definitely not for children! Nicolas Cage does an outstanding job. As well as the rest of the cast.

In the early beginning of the film, they do this wonderful sequence where the audience is placed on the point of view of the birth of a bullet and then follows it through the factory, out being shipped, and then its final use.

I would definitely rate this one a must see! ****!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Character Motivation vs Writer Direction

Just recently I was reading a book a friend lent me and told me I just had to read. What was funny was how he told me the first 3 books were great, but the ones after weren't worth it. Didn't sound like something I would want to get into, yet since he went to the trouble to bring me one of them, I thought "why not?".

Within the first few pages I hit something that just about made me think there was no point in reading it, regardless of the good prose and likeable characters -- clash of character vs writer's plot direction. In this particular book, a man who lives in a non-magic land and is very well acquainted with nature, comes across a plant. He cuts the plant, and it hits him with a thorn. When he tries to remove the thorn, the thorn embeds itself deeper into his hand. He has no knife, so does what he can, but the darn thorn acts unnaturally and evades his attempts by totally disappearing into his flesh. He mucks with it for another moment, and then for all intents and purposes, shrugs his shoulder since he can't do anything about it and goes on. Now, hold the phone! Anyone in their right mind who had a thorn dig itself into their hand and saw it do it would be screaming bloody murder and trying to get themselves to the nearest doctor. (I would!) Yet this man forgets all about it, except for noticing occasionally how the hand turns red and hurts (like that shouldn't be sending panic signals), and goes on his way getting into the meat of the adventure.

In my opinion, there was a definite clash in what the writer wanted to set up as a later problem, and the believability of what the character did about it. Personally, I would have fallen for this if the guy panicked a little, did try to go home to get help, and on the way got distracted at least for a short while, by other events going on around him. So this clash could have been averted or minimized, but the author was too intent on his plot and not his people.

As a writer, a lot of times you will try to stick to a mental road map of where the story needs to go. But you have to absolutely stay true to the motivations and characteristics of the characters you are portraying or you will be doing the whole novel/story and your readers a huge disservice. Listen to what the characters tell you, even if it's not part of the map! If you just have to have something happen in the story, but it clashes with your character's motivation/personality find a way to shift the situation so they will do what you want, or ditch it. Don't force it!

Here's an example: An old saying is that Tonto (The Lone Ranger's Sidekick) never goes into town. "Tonto no go to town." But in order for your plot to progress you need him in town because only in this way will he meet the beauty from Boston and fall in love. So what do you do? You can't just suddenly have Tonto say he wants to go to town. That's totally against his usual motivation/personality. (Town is a dangerous place for Indians. Ripe with trouble.) But if he absolutely needs to be in town, then arrange the consequences, which with his personality, will make him go to town. For Tonto, this is easy. If the Lone Ranger went to town and was not heard from in too long and he knew things were dangerous to begin with, he would go to town to look for his friend. If he received a message that the Lone Ranger was in trouble, this would also drive him to go to town--his need to be there for his friend overruling his bad feelings about going to town. And all of it still keeping him in character and you still getting to where you want to go.

Know your character's personalities and motivations, don't let the planned plot shut them out. The more believable and reasonable you can make the choices they make due to the factors you've thrown at them, the more fun the story will be.


I got to learn a new word not long after the Labor Day weekend. It was Cellulitis. Cellulitis is a skin infection -- considered a serious condition. Seems you can pick it up from a bug bad, a shaving nick, a small cut, just about anything. And boy you will notice it when you have it! After I got back from DragonCon, I was having a lot of problems with my right leg, but just assumed it was due to all the walking. Then I actually looked at it and noticed that it was swollen from the knee to my toes! The back of my leg felt like a concrete block.

Tried to make a doctor's appointment (by this point I am thinking I might have a blood clot) and the soonest they can see me is Friday. Well by Friday morning my leg is hurting so bad, and I am getting so paranoid, that after one last attempt to see if I can get an earlier appointment, I drag myself off to the emergency room.

The doc instantly have them do a full sonogram of my leg to look for blood clots. They also take some blood. The doc, when he makes it back to me, tells me I am clear on the blood clots, then shows me a section of my leg that looks irritated. This is where he tells me about the Cellulitis. Then I get a double whammy antibiotic IV put on my arm for the next hour. I get two antibiotic prescriptions and told to get off my feet. If by a couple of days the rash seems to be spreading, I am to come back and admit myself into the hospital! Eeek!

Luckily for me, the prescriptions kicked in well enough. Not that you could rightly tell. Seems the symptoms will stay with you through most of the antibiotic attack. Only on the 6th day have I seen a decent amount of the swelling go away. Though my leg still hurts like the dickens to walk around on.

Kinda scary the number of simple things that can just totally kick you out of regular life. :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Book Review -- Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Sation by China Mieville
Perdido means lost, which is kind of fun to think about in a city mired with as much new/old/rich/poor/hate/love/corruption as New Crobuzon is. Mieville goes to great length to entrench the reader in all the details of the city so you can get a feeling of the whole. There are a myriad of races, cultures, religions, all trying to co-exist in this straddling metropolis. You get glimpses of the lives of several characters in different areas and slowly it all coaleses into a giant domino effect as seemingly unrelated events start a chain reaction of incredible proportions.

A garuda looking to fly again. An artist about to create her greatest work. A scientist on the cusp of his greatest discovery. And an escape which is going to put the entire city in the deepests grips of fear--for not even in sleep can you hide from what's coming.

Once the events start to roll, you'll be hooked on this rollercoaster ride all the way to the end.
So if your patient with the buildup, the payoff will be well worth it! ****

Friday, August 12, 2005

Movie of the Week - Wedding Crashers

First thing I'd like to say about this one is -- it is NOT for children! They cover/show many very adult topics on this film and would not be appropriate for minors. That being said, it was quite disturbingly funny. The situations they get into in the wedding that will be their ultimate undoing are amazing! Totally hard to explain without giving things away. ***

Friday, August 05, 2005

2005 - The Year of the CURSE!

Curse? "What curse?" you ask?

Well it probably isn't one, but it sure feels that way. And I hope it goes away REAL soon!
I think of myself as someone who tries their best to get along. To be on an even keel. That tries not to rock the boat. Friendly, even proactive. But somehow, in 2005, something has gone terribly wrong.

5 times this year I have, while trying to be helpful, or friendly, or just going along, totally hacked off people. Most of them have been through emails going back and forth, so it could be a language issue (and I call myself a writer...) but mostly it just feels like a whole lot of bad luck. Somehow I am catching people at their lowest and strangest, and in one stroke of misfortune I am the one who pushes their buttons totally without meaning to. It's enough to make me want to go to a corner and cry myself into a coma. :-(

This must STOP! Please? *sigh*

So to any of you I somehow make mad this year...just remember...I didn't mean to!!!! Wahhhhh

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Movie of the Week - Sky High

A fun, light film. And it has Bruce Campbell!!! Love Bruce!!! Deep high school issues taken in a light format. Decent effects, good acting, and many, many funny moments. If you're looking for something fun, this is the movie to see. ***1/2!!!!!

Book Review -- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

***spoiler warning***
Okay. years ago, when I first ran into Harry Potter (book 2 as a matter of fact - I have a weird knack of running into a series out of sequence), he was not the sensation he is today. I started the book and thought that the descriptions were rather lacking but decided to give it a go. About page 40 though I was pretty well hooked. By page 100 she couldn't skip descriptions fast enough for me! Been a fan ever since.

Though not voraciously tearing through the book as many have done -- I took a week instead of the weekend (you wouldn't believe how many of my friends tore through it in a day or 2) -- I did read it rather agressively. While the first few chapters had a surprise or two and Snape getting to be Defense teacher caught me off guard as much as Harry, the true shock came at pages 499 and 500. While many people I know came to the same epiphany as myself, many have not. And I must admit I've had a blast of a time letting these individuals in on the little secret -- Harry is a horcrux!

Each time I've done it there have been cries of denial. Yet as I explain why I see this, they get a far away look in their eyes which soons turns into stunned shock as they too see the posibilities. Bwahahaha. Harry's mother did one over on Voldemort and I love it! Also ties to Dumbledore's theory that if Voldemort had ignored the prophecy, it would have never been set into motion. While I believe Dumbledore suspects Harry is a horcrox (and mentions V's snake so he can start getting used to the idea of a living horcrux), I believe Voldemort until recently, has not suspected this fact. Yet it explains all. A piece of Voldemort's soul would protrect Harry from the curse, it would also give him parsel tongue and Voldemort's greater ability for magic, plus the fact the wands are exactly the same. All the pieces are there if you look for them. Bwaahaha

As to Snape -- I think he is good! He made the vow because he was in love with Malfoy's Mom. Also, Dumbledore begging is not like him, and they made sure to mention it wasn't like him. I believe he did it to get Snape to be the one to kill him and therefore save Malfoy (I am sure Snape has killed before). Snape also reacted as he did with Harry during the escape because Harry has inadvertetnly found Snape's sore point -- being called a coward. Snape could see nothing past his hatred of being thought of that way. Book 7, in my opinion, will be about Snape and in the end, Harry is going to have to face his hatred of Snape and see past it to the truth.

I hope the next book comes out soon!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Movie of the Week - The Island

A Sci-Fi thriller with lots of action. Loved the set up for the instinution and the people there. The whole set up was great and the story progressed nicely. Once they got free, I was forced to suspend my disbelief a couple of times with some of the over the top stunts, but others were just awesome. Some of the Sci-fi didn't quite make it toward the end of the film, but overall not a bad flick. ***

Monday, July 18, 2005

Book Review -- Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit

Yes! The latest of the Midnight Louie Mysteries is out! This time murder occur in the world of Reality TV. Temple must go under cover in order to keep an eye on Molina's daughter Mariah who has finaled in the Teen and Tween Contest held for this Reality TV series. Matt goes on to find info about his father. Molina gets a stalker and a date! Max realizes he may be losing Temple, even as Matt finally makes a move! Louie gets to try to keep himself in the good graces of not one but two feline beauties. And Nadir finds out about Mariah! (Sort of) Basically everything in this volume looks to be ramping up the stakes for the next adventure. I've a feeling it will be explosive! whoop! Can't wait!

Movie of the Week - War of the Worlds

There's been a lot of controversy and a lot of polar opinions on this one. For my take, I was utterly thrilled. Yes, there are a couple of questionable items with the science part of it (gravity not affecting the aliens, why they would have buried ships deep into the earth millions of years before), but as for the content, action, special effects, suspense, they were top notch! The train scene is one of the most chilling things I have ever seen. Still gives my husband chills when we talk about it. :-)

The film is a great mix of a modernized version of the original tale as well as sprinklings of the original movie version and the musical radio version (not to be confused with the Orson Wells Radio Broadcast -- this one is the one with Mr Burton).

A lot of people have complained about the ending, but I think it is because they don't get it. The whole point of the book/movie is to emphasize to all humanities insignificance in the cosmos. How we are not so important there is nothing out there we can't deal with. It's probably not the happiest of realizations, but it is the point. In the book, it pushed even more the concept of humanities insignificance and God's wisdom, especially in his creation of something as common as the cold.

I thought the film rocked! ****

Movie of the Week - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

(Hmmm, somehow I have fallen behind....)

I think for those who have seen the original film and those who have not, they will have a lot of fun with this movie. That is, as long as you are not expecting Johnny Depp to recreate Gene Wilder's protrayal. As people should know by now, Mr Depp always does a character his very own way. The film covers books 1 and 2 and look to be incorporated very well as a whole. The Umpaloopas, in my opinion, were a blast! They still sing a little ditty as each of the children gets removed from the factory. Loved johnny Depp's portrayal of the out of touch, slightly bitter, yet child at heart, Willia Wonka. Make sure to notice the gloves. hee. With Tim Burton's vision and Danny Elfman's music, it was a total treat. ***1/2!!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Movie of the Week - Mr and Mrs Smith

Ah what a hoot of a film! For those who are married it will mean so much more. Pitt and Jolie make a cute film couple. Decent dab of action, lots of witty reparte, fun galore! Well worth the price of admission. ***1/2!!!!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Movie of the Week - The Longest Yard

Went to see this nor sure how I would feel about it one way or the other. I am so glad I went. This thing was a total riot as well as disturbing. Everyone did a fabulous job and there were some awesome football plays. Been a very long time since I saw the original, but I think they definitely kept faith with the film. Would definitely recommend it. ***1/2!!

email and air-conditioning

Wow! Been doing email for almost 3 hours and still not caught up (have now just reached 8am Sat mail). Was behind already before A-kon which lasted 3 days (An anime and multi media con -- ) . Only reason I am even getting to look at them at all is cause we got a surprise when we got home yesterday. The airconditioning died! Got some people to look at it, but of course since they found out the condenser is shot, they need a part and that comes from the warehouse and they are only open on weekdays. Kinda nice to get the catch up time, but it's hot and muggy (68% humidity). lol. Plus it's crunch time at work. Wahhhh. Mostly worried about the ferret though. She's been doing great so far, but they have issues with high heat. Got fans running everywhere! Hope they show up soon! Hubby says the work will take 2 hours at least. Feels like I am waiting for the cable people -- "yes, ma'am, we'll be there anywhere from 8 to Noon." (Hubby is working contract so him staying was a no-no.) This stuff is not cheap either. Eeek!
So think cool thoughts my way. lol!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Movie of the Week - Madagascar

Ah what a hoot of a film! Lots of in jokes, even for old foggies, and just lots of fun stuff. As you might imagine from the commercials, the penguins stole the show! What a fun ride! Heh. ***1/2! Whoop! (Move it move it. Physically this, physically that, move it move it.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Movie of the Week - Star Wars Episode III

Ah, the long awated closure of the film and Anankin's descent into the Dark Side.
The movie was good and it was bad. Overall worth seeing, but I thought it could have been tons better. However, you will find those out there thinking it is the best things since sliced bread. I can only shake my head in wonder.

Good: The awesome scene with Count Dooku as Palpatine manipulates Anakin into the same test he puts Luke into in Return of the Jedi. Except, Anakin fails and Luke does not. Count Dooku's expression as he realizes what Palpatine is doing was precious! Wished they'd done more of this!!!

Bad: Padme was a puppet with no drive. In 2 films they go out of their way to show her drive, independence, taking control, and in this one all she does is be pregnant, and sit in the apartment. The real Padme would have been out there investigating the moment Anakin made the comments he did about the Jedi and Palpatine. Sigh

Good: A lot of the uniforms and tech start going toward what they will one day look like for Episode 4.

Bad: Obi Wan's fighting prowess. Super easily pushed aside by Count Dooku, only to more than hold his own with Grievous (who per the cartoon Clone Wars had already killed many Jedi on his own), him telling Anakin several times how much more powerful Anakin was than he, yet the fight with Anakin he has little trouble, never get the impression of someone pressed to the limit. If he had, it would have worked so much better! Especially since it is so lame how he actually does defeat Anakin. Would have liked it more to have been something that occured due to chance, that which can topple empires, and that a mishap is what took him down and not Obi Wan. They also, out of nowhere, through these kung fu stances for Obi Wan that have never been shown before in any of his fights. I thought it glaring.

Good: Awesome special effects as usual!

Bad: Kasshyk and Chewbacca - other than showing them, there was no purpose to Chewy ebing there. We got told nothing as to who he was on his world or anything. And the fact he knew Yoda and then later gets involved with Luke, etc seems rather farfetched. He added nothing to the film whatsoever. :-(

Good: The super cool lizard!!!!! Obi Wan's lizard rocked! Had already seen it is a new mount on SWG on line, but had not realized he would be in the film. :-)

Bad: All Obi Wan got was tons of one liners. Give the boy some room people! He can act!

Good: Palpatine was AWESOME! He was utterly driping with evil. Heh heh heh

Over all I enjoyed it, but it didn't even make me want to run to see it a second time. I may go do that eventually but if I don't...shrug... **1/2 Wahhhhhhhhhh

Monday, May 16, 2005

Movies - Unleashed

Unleashed is the latest Jet Li release.
It was great! Some awesome chopsocki and a wonderful cast. Jet Li was very good in his role. He definitely gave the impression of being like a dog--he had the best puppy eyes! There are a couple of scenes that will take you totally by surprise too and the choreography for the fights was outstanding. ***1/2!!

Sci Fi Expo

This past weekend on 5/14-5/15 I had a table at the SciFi Expo in Plano, Tx. With the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode III and free general admission, the place was hopping all weekend. Only sold 2 books, but all the promo stuff was moving like hotcakes. Was expecting a very small table since I'd gotten in as an author/small press, but had a regualr sized which was awesome. Next to me were the EB Games people who rocked! I gave them some space behind me so they could stretch out boxes, rolling posters, etc and they fed me! Whoohoo! Free food! :-) Plus a couple of the guys with the group were quite funny. Their big screen with the new Episode III game attracted all sorts of people, which in turn sent them past me, which was awesome. Add in the Nookee table on my other side with 2 blond bombshells, and I had great traffic. lol.

Think I will definitely do this one again. Hopefully all the people who've now found out about it will come back next year. :-)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Book - Death Mask of the Jaguar by Murdoch Hughes

Latest read has been Death Mask of the Jaguar by Mudoch Hughes. This is the second mystery book with private eye Rick Sage. Really enjoyeed this one. I think it was even better than Murder in La Paz. Gritty detective Rick Sage is once more asked to help the Mexican government when a grissly murder leaves a lone boy and a map alone in the world. Add in a little Mayan mysticism, awesome scenery, a hot nun, and you've got a major ride in the making!

As with the first book there's a big twist or two. As last time, you think you see what it will be, and while you may be right, they also take a turn to the left as well. A quick and fun read! Check him out!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Movie of the Week - Kingdom of Heaven

Will probably try to post a comment or two on movies I see for the week. My hubby is a movie nut and we got to the theaters every Friday. :-) This week's film (though I had to make him see this one) was Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom. The whole topic of the Crusades and especially the Muslim is very fascinating. The Muslims were at the peak of their game during those times, their technology astounding.

Anyway, the film was fun! Orlando played a very reserved young man, but when he felt something, you knew it. The role was very well suited for him. Lots of drool fodder for us ladies from him I think. :-) We had good guys that were good, bad guys that were good, good guys that were bad--real people maybe. :-) Awesome film shots all around. Squirted blood for a splash of realism. Heck just watching the film for the awesome trebuche action was worth it!

Only bad thing I saw was that Orlando's character did not have much in the way of troubles where he had to angst over the decisions. He had one major spot, but he made it pretty much without hesitation. But aside from that, loved everyone involved. Some very nice acting and definitely awesome special effects and battle scenes! Yay! ***1/2

Friday, May 06, 2005


Welcome to my blog!
Hopefully it will be a semi interesting place.
Promise to try to post somewhat regularly but no guarantees!

Glad to see you here!

Gloria Oliver
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