Sunday, December 18, 2005

Movie of the Week - King Kong

Have been eagerly awaiting this release once I saw the previews, but then almost got cold feet as they started the mega hype campaign (normally a bad sign). Went to see it Friday, trying to keep an open mind, and was thrilled to find it to be all I had hoped for and more.

CGI and special effects were outstanding overall. Kong himself was MARVELLOUS! Not only did they study gorilla form and behavior, which is obvious, but the big ape himself is oozing with personality.

Kong does not appear for the first 115 minutes, but that was fine by me as it gave plenty of time for us to meet and become acquainted with everyone else embroiled in the story. There are many wonderful characters, from the manic director, the ego filled actor (who much to my surprise was the lead from Early Edition - yay!), the playwright, the actress, the captain, his first mate, and the stowaway turned crew.

The island was creepy, the islanders even more so. Lots of jungle and creatures and icky bugs and more. Tons of action! And even a love triangle, which was lovely to watch as in several parts the ape and the playwright mirrored the same emotions toward Ann.

The recreations of New York in the 30's was very impressive, and loved the in-joke about Fay Raye currently being busy doing a movie for RKO. (For those who might not be familiar with King Kong, Fay Raye (sp?) was the girl in the original black and white King Kong.

Absolutely a must see! Whether you've ever seen a King Kong film or not, this is very mcuh worthwhile. Impressive piece of work. ****!!!

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