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Vortual Tourist 07/02/24


Virtual Tourist 07/02/24

Table of Contents

News/MusingsStory Origin Swap 1
Virtual Tourist – Deliver US MarsStory Origin Swap 2
Free Sci-Fi Reads for Summer 2024
Group Promo
So Legend Says Group Promo
Reviewer’s Corner


Sorry, it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Th newsletter always takes priority and sometimes time/life gets in the way of me posting these at the blog. Though newsletter peeps do get extra goodies. So if you want some free reads and the extra stuff, sign up for it here. (Hurry and join so you can read the new Discoveries of Julia Xero Prequel Novelette—Kara for FREE!)


This last week has been super busy! Lots of stuff coming to a head all at the same time (as per usual!).

The kids were gifted with a kiddie pool, and they filled it up for the dogs, figuring they might enjoy it with all this heat. My daughter splashed them, trying to entice them, but no go. They drank out of it but wouldn’t get in it. I told her if she got in there, at least one of them would follow. She hasn’t tried that yet. I hope her hubby will if she won’t. Stay tuned?


Writing News

I hit the button the other day on the Alien Redemption Audiobook! It should take a few days to go through Audible’s final checks before it goes live. They hedge that it could take 10 days, but I’ve seen them come through sooner. 

Audiobook cover for Alien Redemption by Gloria Oliver - a first contact novel

In the meantime, Zumaya has allowed me to put their books up for a Direct Sales experiment. So the Alien Redemption ebooks are on Special for .99 cents (DS only!) So, if you enjoy reading along with the audiobook, this is your chance to get the ebook at a super low price. Or get it at Smashwords for 25% off for the month of July along with my other ZP titles that you can find here.




Extra content today:

1) StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

2) StoryOrigin Swap 2 (UBL)

3) Free Sci-Fi Reads for Summer 2024 Group Promo

4) So Legend Says: An All-Genre Book Fair for Stories with Mythological Creatures and Gods Group Promo



Scroll on down to get all the deets. 😉



StoryOrigin Swap 1 (UBL)

Murder rips the veil off her magic…

Caly Cook likes being hidden and alone.

The demons of her long lost family make it easier not to trust people. She’s also living as a human, and the last thing she wants is to advertise her ability to leave her body and roam the world as pure spirit.

But when a series of brutal killings ravage young supernaturals, Caly must use every gift she possesses to track down the murderer. After she teams up with a gorgeous wizard named Knox Alexandru, the irresistible attraction between them shatters her carefully constructed solitude.

As the young victims pile up, the city of Orament teeters on the edge of interspecies chaos. Can Caly accept herself – and face the darkness in her own past – before more lives are lost?

The Thorn Demon series is urban fantasy with a thread of clean but stormy romance. In each book, characters go through hard times and confront their deepest fears. The story builds and builds, taking readers through detective mystery, portal fantasy and psychological suspense – you will not believe where you end up!

Deliver US Mars

It’s kind of funny how I’m talking about this game this time around and one of the swaps is also set on Mars! Weird, right?

From what I understand this is the second game in the Deliver Us series, though you don’t need to have played the first to enjoy the second as you get flashbacks and info. 

In a dark future, the Earth is dying. The original ray of hope, a set of three special rockets with top-of-the-line tech, was stolen by those entrusted with their care and implementation. 

Years later, Earth receives a call for help originating from Mars. A mission is quickly cobbled together in the hopes they can retrieve the three stolen craft and return them to Earth. 

You can see all the currently uploaded pics here.

20240627192706 ac91a315 la

Name screen for the game with a far-off spaceship in the distance.

20240627192344 be50aa8a la

Kathy’s bedroom as a young child. I would totally have loved a room like this!


20240627192505 a4a23a16 la

The view from Kathy’s childhood home. A vista no longer to be found on Earth by the time she’s 16+


20240627192949 441c22f4 la

Academy and training facilities for the WSA – The World Space Agency.

20240627193150 f562a2a9 la

The WSA Museum – portraits on the right are of the Lunar Council – the same three people who orchestrated the theft of the three rockets. The one on the far right is Kathy’s father.

The cute hovering machine next to her is Ayla, a companion AI that you’ll use in solving some of the puzzles and unscramble coded holograms left for Kathy on Mars.


20240627193352 3d63e1ea la

A gorgeous sunrise as Kathy and her teammates head to their spaceship for their mission to Mars.

20240627193513 12896314 la

Kathy on the elevator to the ship’s entry point.

20240627192223 ec3c2107 la

The game’s main menu screen


Hard Start: Mars Intrigue

Hard Start: Mars Intrigue

StoryOrigin Swap 2 (UBL)

When forces split them apart, how do they come together?

Space Division spy Cody Greene lies for a living. That’s one of the reasons he looks at every woman he meets with skepticism. He’s single because of his dysfunctional relationship with his pampered, politician mother and the fact that he’s still in love with his high school sweetheart, who died mysteriously years ago.

Cody’s in a tight spot when he’s ordered to marry a naive tech genius named Lisa Shim. She’s part of the elite class and has invented everything that makes Mars amazing. Restricted by his oath, he can’t tell her she’s in danger.

Is Lisa like his mother? Or is she the perfect match he’s been praying for?

Free Sci-fi Reads Promo Group Banner

Free Sci-Fi Reads for Summer 2024 Group Promo – Hey eager space adventurers! 🌌 Get ready for an epic summer of interstellar proportions! Blast off into the unknown with FREE science fiction books that will blow your mind! Explore new authors, dive into captivating space operas, and boldly go where no reader has gone before! 🚀

So Legend Says Group Promo Banner

So Legend Says: An All-Genre Book Fair for Stories with Mythological Creatures and Gods – Group Promo – mythological creatures, legends, and more!

🌟 Shout out to Reviewers Corner! 🌟

Thanks this month go to:

Black Jade – M Walters

Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles – droodles

Music of Death Blues – Alexandra Lugo, Alexandra Reads

The Secret Humankind – Tig Shalina Ozuna, Kindle Customer, Sasha, Ali



A great big THANK YOU to all the reviewers!

(Do you want your name in here, too? All you need is to post a one or two-sentence review at Bookbub, Goodreads, Amazon, or send me a link if it’s posted elsewhere and I will add you here next round!)

I hope this first half of 2024 has treated you well and will continue to do so for the rest of the year!

Until next time!



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