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Virtual Tourist 03/25/22


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News/MusingsStoryOrigin Swap 1  (freebie)
Virtual Tourist – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderStoryOrigin Swap 2 (freebie)
Dark Flights of FantasyEpic & High Fantasy Free eBook Giveaway
Free Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Paranormal eBooksComing of Age Across the Ages


Looks like spring is just around the corner!



I’ve been getting a bit carried away with joining giveaways! I had stopped at three for March, but then came another I couldn’t resist. So this time around there are four! Eek! 😱

I am also going to start something new (only in the newsletter – so sign up!) that I read about last week. Mainly adding in a Reviewers’ Corner! A space to give thanks to you guys for any recent reviews posted on any of my nine books, the horror novelette, and whatever else ends up getting put out there. 😁

The JOY of Murder is now off to the editor. She said she might even be able to start on the edits early! Woot! I’m trying to get other stuff situated to try to get a splash of some sort going for the release of book two. Wish me luck! Lol.

I’d also hoped to start working again on book one of the Discoveries of Julia Xero – an urban fantasy series, but the Curse of the Evil Back Muscle has reared its ugly head again, so productivity has been down. 😢 I got new meds a month or more ago, and I always seem to get the weirdest side effects. One of them is making the Evil Muscle even madder than it would be without them. Getting older is not for the faint of heart! 😛

Extra content today:

1) StoryOrigin Swap 1 (freebie)

2) StoryOrigin Swap 2 (freebie)

3) Dark Flights of Fantasy Giveaway

4) Epic & High Fantasy Free eBook Giveaway

5) Free Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Paranormal eBooks

6) Coming of Age – Across the Ages Group Promo

Scroll on down to get all the deets. 😉

Discovering Your Neighbor

Discovering Your Neighbor

StoryOrigin Swap 1

A simple exploration of an unknown planet. What could go wrong?

(Prequel to The Neighbor You Don’t Know Series)

Baldwin Tavares is called up by the Admiral Pitch to join in their expedition to the planet Allende 1-b, also known as Neighbor. Baldwin and his team were requested for their very specific skill set, as they are the best in their individual fields. Eager to be part of something bigger than himself, Baldwin, aka Win, convinces his team to go on the expedition. They aim to find some remnants left behind of the once inhabited planet Neighbor in the hopes of studying and preserving whatever knowledge about them that they find.

Win begins to realize the expedition to Allende 1-B is not entirely scientific. He suspects the Pacific Ocean World Mining Organization, or POMO, have sunk deep into the pockets of the ship’s commanding officers, with the hopes of mining Allende 1-B for its rich mineral reserves as soon as they arrive. As such he immediately starts investigating the ship to confirm his suspicions. When Win finds out he was right, he races to convince the crew against any mining expeditions before it’s too late. However, little does he know something even more pressing will require his attention before he even gets the chance to tell anyone.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

I’ve done something I’ve never done with a game before – I am playing it twice! LOL. There’s so much I missed the first time, and certain side bits needed time to mature/happen, so it behooves one to go to the same planet several times to find secrets or try to complete the maps while seeds germinate in the ship’s planter, or seeing the pet you picked up on Bogano change some of the dialogues and getting to spot him inside one of the vents.

Knowing better what to expect and look for has made the second time even more enjoyable. Plus the story itself is awesome! And the graphics! There are seven or more planets, so lots of unique places to see.




​View of the cockpit of the Mantis as it enters hyperspace.


First look at the birthplace of the Zeffo—a force-sensitive race that died millennia ago. A small town of archeologists lived here, but have been dragged away or killed by the Empire.




​Inside the first of three tombs on Zeffo. Several puzzles lay there which can only be solved by those who can use the Force.


The sarcophagus of Zeffo master in the first tomb. They were BIG people, these Zeffo.



The One Tree in Kashyyyk – home planet of the Wookies. The Empire has not been kind to them. You meet the resistance here, led by Saw Guerrera (From the Star Wars movie Rogue One). The chieftain Cal is looking for is deep in the jungles, so Cal has to leave and return once they’ve found him.



Cal and BD-1 back at Zeffo looking for more clues and trying to locate the second tomb.



The Empire and the Inquisitors have been busy. This is inside one of the giant monuments in Zeffo. They are looking for relics of power here as well. And not being nice about it. (An archeologist’s worst nightmare! Lol)



​The inquisitor Second Daughter – she was once a padawan before being broken into what she is now. She uses her knowledge of Cere Junda to try to create a rift between Cal and his companions.



The Final Assignment

The Final Assignment

StoryOrigin Swap 2 (freebie)

Immerse Yourself In Intriguing Mysteries With Interesting Women!

Mila stood in front of the University of Chernivtsi, and it was like time had stood still. The gate and the buildings looked the same as when she was a student there, and yet somehow, she was the one who had changed and aged. Of course, nobody could call her old. Mila was thirty-two, but today she felt older than the university.

Mila remembered when she left for her Ph.D. in Kyiv; she was heartbroken and swore she would never return to her hometown. However, life has a way of interfering with people’s plans and Mila was no exception…

First, her mother died, then her father retired because of a heart condition, and Mila knew she had to come home to take care of him. It was a good excuse to return when a call came from her best friend that a professor position was open at the university.

So, there she was, all dressed up and ready to confront a past demon and prove herself more than capable to become a professor…

Mila Kovalenko has returned to her alma mater to fill the vacant position of professor of ancient history.
Happy to reunite with her best friend Ania, the university’s librarian, they discuss a manuscript that has come to Ania’s attention. No sooner had Mila signed her contract when someone steals the manuscript from the library.

However, when the detective assigned to the case pegs her as the prime suspect, Mila must use her expertise and cunning to prove him wrong, or at least find another motive and suspect.

Realizing the book is more dangerous than it appears, and its origins are even eviler than they thought, Mila hopes to help the detective find the book before it falls into the wrong hands. However, the detective is not so willing to accept her help, infuriating Mila, if only he wasn’t so annoying, she could grow to like him, he was quite attractive….

Dark Flights of Fantasy Banner

Dark Flights of Fantasy – there’s still time to grab these dark tainted tales.

Epic and High Fantasy Free Book Giveaway Banner

Epic & High Fantasy Free eBook Giveaway – this one is ending soon, too!

Free Science Fiction Fantasy and Paranormal eBooks Banner

Free Fantasy and Sci-Fi eBooks – the end of March is near! Don’t miss out.

Coming of Age Across the Ages Group Promo

Coming of Age – Across the Ages – purchase links of a ton of books with this theme. I could not resist joining! 😝

Until next time!



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