Sunday, October 18, 2020

Change is a-coming!


Change is a common fact of life.


Change is a common fact of life.

Sometimes it is easier to take than others.

I've been doing some courses online from fellow authors about expanding mailing lists, how best to give back to fans, and how to deepen author/reader relationships. I'm hoping the changes I'm going to implement from all that new knowledge will be the good kind. 

2020 has been chock full of change, some good, some bad. So to roll with the punches, I thought I would make some changes of my own.

Most of what I hope to do, you may not even notice - a logo update, website theme change, different EMS, splitting the timing between newsletter and blog posts. But it is my hope we all come out of it better and happier than before. 

Possible updated Logo for Gloria Oliver 
WIP Logo change - I must make it better!


Above is a slightly altered logo for my stuff. I added a space station now that I have a science fiction novel. :P  What do you think of this version of the logo? Let me know! I would very much appreciate your input. (I might need to shrink the space station a little? Need to try doing an arch with the name again, I think.) 

Anyway, I wanted to give everyone a heads up! Hopefully, nothing will crash or go weird as I muck about with all the different services and software. But please let me know if you see anything that's not working. :) 

What to expect.

Once everything is in place, I'm going to get back into posting stuff more frequently. I should be able to get on a schedule again once we hit 2021, as change has hit my workplace, and soon we'll all be out of jobs.

After a lot of info searching and deep conversations with hubby, I will take the plunge to write full time. Being told that the company got sold because we were too good at our jobs after all the OT, hard work, and dealing with huge changes over the last few years has left a bitter taste in my mouth. My ongoing health issues post gallbladder surgery haven't helped either.

But it might all be for the best in the long run. More time to write, more time to give you content, more time to get to know you better.  Huzzah! 

Wish me luck!



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