Sunday, September 13, 2020

Virtual Tourist - Destroy All Humans 9/13/20

 Good morning!

Looks like we're heading towards cooler weather. Or it could just be a feint. Here in Texas, you never know for sure. :P 

Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans - leaving the ship disguised

Crypto is about to board his ship. The Holobob energy is almost depleted. You steal the image from a human who then freezes and turns invisible, and you read thoughts to grab energy to maintain the disguise. The cow you see here is a giant cow statue. 

Destroy All Humans - forest

They have really nice detail for the graphics. 

Destroy All Humans - Alien Pool Party

Each major mission gets a cool postcard intro. These crack me up! This is where you get a new weapon that can do what you see behind him. Crazy stuff.

Destroy All Humans - beach shot

Is that not a beautiful scene? Look at the gorgeous sky colors! 

Destroy All Humans - Motel Party Madness

Each mission end, or if you die, gives you these super whacky newspapers. Majestic is working hard to keep everything under wraps. Some of the articles are hilarious.

Destroy All Humans - Television of DOOM

Television of DOOM! They are not exaggerating. While Crypto is running around doing missions and stealing brain stems, he also finds out Majestic is doing things to the general population as well at Santa Modesta. DOH!

Destroy All Humans - Aliens Stole My Brain Stem

Ah, the evil gleam in his red eyes. Glorious! :P

Destroy All Humans - Stunted Sniper Strikes Again!

Honestly, these headlines crack me up! Deformed lurker - hah!

Destroy All Humans - This Island Suburbia

Why yes, that is brains in his ice cream cone. Eek! 

Destroy All Humans - Santa Modesta beach

Crypto is reading the mind of the gentleman before the palm tree. These can be quite funny. But the important takeaway here is that gorgeous view of the water!

Buttons for psychic powers from left to right that I have so far. R - mind-read/energy, E - brain stem extraction, F - Holobob image, X - Forget (very handy), C - takes over the human and makes them act like a chicken - used for distraction purposes. LOL. 

In case you missed it, here's the new book trailer video for Vassal of El! :P 


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