Sunday, February 17, 2019

Virtual Tourist - Witcher 3 2/17/19

My apologies for anyone who went/is at ConDFW looking for ChibiChains and myself and did not find us there. Unfortunately, I'm still having the issues that cropped up after surgery in November. I'd hoped the last set of meds would let me go to the con, but alas, it was not to be.
I can go out for a bit, but sitting up straight for 8+ hours and the driving itself would have taken too much out of me. I'd thought about doing it anyway, but my family talked me out of it.
I can't wait for them to figure out what is causing the mess and they get rid of it!

Witcher 3

Witcher 3 - Elven guardian
One of the comic book style sections. Citri and her Elven protector.
Witcher 3 - following Swallows trail
Geralt and one of his sorceress friends, following Citri's trail. They are about to enter deeper into a set of caves used by her elven protector.
Witcher 3 - message from the elf
Pre-recorded message for Citri from the mysterious elf.
Witcher 3 - dead end?
The pictures of the Swallow are the crumbs to follow. This one, however, appeared to be a dead end.
Witcher 3 - elven portal
In reality, it was a magic portal. (And yes, that is one ugly piece of armor Geralt is wearing. lol.)
Witcher 3 - elemental guardian
The elf left some security measures in place. The earth elemental on the floor was cool looking and nasty!
Witcher 3 - a member of the Wild Hunt
I brightened the image as much as I could. This is one of the members of the Wild Hunt. One of the elves searching for Citri for her elder blood.
Witcher 3 - magic chamber
Magic flames. Nothing bad could happen here. Right? :P
Witcher 3 - the end of the elf cave
Exit from the mysterious elf's cave. Citri was not there, but we learned a thing or two.
Witcher 3 - Geralt
He sure is pretty! :P
Hope you had a good weekend!

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