Sunday, April 09, 2017

Virtual Tourist - Obduction 4/9/17

Well now. Between work, conventions, and issues with Jetpack for Wordpress not much has been happening at the blog. Sigh. 
Started a new game this weekend a friend gave me for my b-day. The game is called:
It's from the makers of Myst. Gorgeous game. Have not gotten far. One cute feature is the Space Bar takes a "photograph" as if the character has a camera. You can see them in the game, but not sure you can download them, so I did my usual F12 clicking.
The story starts in a park at night. 
A voice starts talking to you even as a nasty lightning storm begins to brew. Closest I got to catching a pic! lol. There's also some weird light trails.
This came from one of the mysterious light streams
Weird looking...
Uh oh.
Here we go!
We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. DOH!
It's almost like a mix of worlds.
This is a hologram machine. You hit the button, and a short recorded message will play. Rather cool.
Haven't gotten far. But it does look interesting!

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