Sunday, April 16, 2017

Virtual Tourist - Obduction 4/16/17

Was able to sneak in a little playing before work ground me to the floor! Doh!
Almost like a chunk of our world has been nestled into another. 
Definitely not on Earth anymore.
These warnings are plastered all over the place. It looks like all the rocks around the place! Eek!
Gorgeous! And scary! 
This is another the holograms. This one talks about the tree in the background. A vital tree for their survival, it seems.
The source of the red light aimed at the sky. 
Top of the waterfall. A source of water and also power.
A better view of the neighboring alien landscape.
Area down river. 
Bizarre temple?
Sinuses have been crazy, so the dizzy factor for games has been high. I really hate that! 
Hope you and yours have a great Easter!

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