Sunday, November 27, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 11/27/16

I think I've finally gotten the upload issues resolved, even if it was like pulling teeth. :P Yay!
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Prague - Jensen's place
Jensen's bedroom in his apartment in Prague.
A good view of several of his augmentation. (We get a shower scene if you have him turn on the shower! hee!) There's a lot of appliances you can turn on and off in the game. (Sometimes it opens things!)
Full view of his bathroom and him in the shower. :P His is one of the nicer ones you'll come across.
The view outside from Jensen's sink. Love the old European flavor. (All the red symbols on my stuff is showing damage I took from the bombing. Jensen is not doing well at the moment.) (All the awesome augmentations you just got used to in the beginning mission are gone! Wah!)
View into the dining and living areas of Jensen's apartment. Loved the cool sunlight striation as it flows into the room. 
Jensen is sitting down to watch the news and enjoy some coffee.
The Picus Group still controls all broadcast information and likes to spin them any way they like. Eliza is back, but this one is NOT our Eliza. She's 2.0. (In the last game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the AI started thinking on her own and tried to help me.) (One of the side missions this time around, gets them reacquainted. So, if you see one of the electronic posters glitching, make sure to check it out! :))
Jensen's TV can also be used for phone calls. Sarif is Jensen's old boss. He didn't make good choices last time, but this time seems to want to make it up to me. :)
Jensen's apartment building. Most of the tenants are augmented. They've not been having a lot of luck lately. 
Just put a drug dealer down with my tranquilizer rifle. (My favorite weapon aside from the "Q" takedown.) He landed in such a weird position I had to take a pic. Heh heh. Can't say his decor is overtly appealing. Hee! Here's where you start hearing things about a drug called neon.
Local thug and black marketeer. Go to guy for buying and selling stuff. There are other people you can buy and sell to in the different city areas. Not everyone has the same stock. But he lives in my building, making for convenience!
A high view of my street. :)
Hope you have a great Sunday!

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