Sunday, July 17, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 7/17/16

Morning! (It didn't post! DOH!)
Final Fantasy XIV
La Noscea
Mist (Player Housing Are in La Noscea)
Beachfront player home locations. Sweet!
Nice white beach too! Nice gazebo area as well. 
A really nice area. Too bad we can't afford player housing yet. :P
Nice night view.
God's Grip
Looks super cool, no?
A shipyard in La Noscea's God's Grip
Guiding light!
Oh! The sun about to make an appearance!
These are quite neat! Not only do they warn/guide you into the bay, but they could be used to house lookouts in times of trouble. 
How cool is that? Wolves' Den Pier.
Lovely arena/training space.
Such a cute little place! Have always had a thing for tiled roofs. :)

May your Sunday be a peaceful and fruitful one. :)

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