Sunday, May 01, 2016

Virtual Tourist - FF XIV 5/1/16

Morning all!
Final Fantasy XIV
Eastern Thanalan
Main Storyline - Primal Ifrit

Temugg Zoh is not happy my brain was not fried upon seeing his god. Hah!
Standing my ground!
Someone is angry!
Tarrah defiant!
Crystal Affinity GO!
Livia sas Junius - evil watcher of events. One of the ones responsible for current affairs. Boo!
Ifrit sent home! Bwahahaha!
Eastern Thanalan
Some really cool ruins at Highbridge. Easily missed, but awesome if you see them!
An even better view! I wanna go down there! But you can't. :(
Is this a weird scarecrow or what?
Weirdest looking sheep ever, no? :P
Nice little outpost too! Love the windmill. I believe that is Ul'dah in the distance?
Have an awesome Sunday!

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