Sunday, April 24, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Grim Fandango 4/24/16

Grimm Fandango
Rubacava - Year 1
Cruise Ship carrying off Mecha! Nooo!
Asking the Captain for help!
Lots of the city to see!
Blue Casket Hotel - isn't she pretty?
Elevator from the Hotel. Going up the stairs there take you back to Calavera's. :)
Police HQ and Morgue. Love the building! Looks like a ship, no?
The Morgue - the plant riddled corpses are increasing. Not good. 
Blimp currently docked at Rubacava.
Tower with security checkpoint for the blimp.
Blimp security station. Got to do some fast talking and funky puzzle solving. :P
Entrance to the Cat Races Coliseum. (Down the tower instead of up.) Neat looking place. :)
View down into the Coliseum. 

Hope you have an awesome Sunday!

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