Sunday, February 14, 2016

Virtual Tourist - Grim Fandango 2/14/16

Morning! And Happy Valentine's Day!

Grim Fandango

Side view of Manny's building. Open window he's standing in front of is Don's office. You can see one of the skeletal pigeons on the ledge. :)

Back in the Secret Base! I finally figured out (cheated) how to make a copy of my teeth.

Secret tunnel out of the city!

Exit of the secret tunnel. The city is in the background. Nice mood shot! :)

My buddy's elemental heart. Which he ripped out himself. Have to say that was one weird sequence. lol.

Some of the denizens of the forest. Creepy little buggers!

Where the heart ended up after my buddy's impassioned soliloquy.  He's so crazy. lol.

Don and in the shadows - the true power behind what set all of this in motion. He is not pleased by current events.
A tree marrow sucking plant. Took me a bit to get a clue about what to do here. (More cheating!)
My buddy is going for an unexpected ride. Heh heh heh.

From plain 40's black car to super souped up ride! Sweet! 
Demon Fire Beavers! And they eat bones. Eek!

Have an awesome Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine

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