Sunday, November 01, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Final Fantasy XIV 11/1/15

Half asleep this morning...

New Gridania

Looks so real, doesn't it?

I do love the architecture. So cute!

This is inside the Carpenters Guild. I got a visit from one of our Free Company (player guild) peeps. In FFXIV you can have multiple skills in player types, gathering, and crafting. You compile different clothes/armor sets for those classes and can save each individually. A very cool thing, but one I didn't know about when she did this! lol.

Showing off all her classes! (Took me a minute to realize what was up! lol)

Fashion show of skills?

Very impressive, to be sure!

Adorable armor.

This is also armor I'd seen during one of the main storyline flashbacks.

Too cute! And generous too! Gave me some crafting money. :)

Gotta go!

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