Thursday, September 24, 2015

FenCon Schedule for 9/25-9/27/15


This weekend I'll be at Fencon!


Where: New Hotel this year! Being held at The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport

When: September 25-27, 2015

ChibiChains and I will be in the Dealer's Room.

Below is my schedule for the weekend!

Rebels vs. Big Damn Heroes:
Without question, Firefly/Serenity fans and Star Wars devotees are two of most passionate groups in fandom. From the ongoing charity work of the Browncoats and the 501st/Rebel Legion alike, fans have taken these two massive science fiction franchises far beyond the screen. How can two such different ideas strike the same chords in so many fans? Join us as we compare and contrast!
Friday  12:00 PM  Chinaberry

What will I share with anyone brave enough to show up? You'll have to wait and see. Bwahahahaha
Friday  2:30 PM  Pecan

Yard Dog Press Road Show (If I am alive that late.) :P
Those wild folks from Yard Dog once again explain to you what you're missing with a show...well it's kind of, you're just going to have to go see it!
Friday  10:00 PM  Red Oak

FenCon Squares (Last Minute Addition!)
It's the classic game show Hollywood Squares with a FenCon twist! Join us for an hour of fun and games as our panel of guests try to help (or bluff) our contestants. We even have a "Secret Square" in each game! Come check it out. You might win a prize!
Saturday 10:00 AM

Monsters from the ID: Forbidden Planet and its Lasting Impact
It was the first big budget SF movie, and it remains popular among fans. It influenced everything from Star Trek to Babylon 5. We'll discuss the themes, imagery, and legacy of this pivotal classic.
Saturday  1:00 PM  Trinity V

Boon or Bane? Disruptive Technologies of the Future
For good or ill, the internet and mobile technologies have radically transformed how we live and work in just a few short years. How will new technologies like next generation genomics, 3D printing, autonomous robotics, advanced materials, and more affect us in the near future?
Saturday  2:00 PM  Trinity VII

Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Discussion
What are the top 10 must-see sci-fi movies (i.e., the movies every sci-fi fan needs to see)? Panelists and audience members propose movies and discuss why that movie should be considered.
Saturday  3:00 PM  Trinity VII

The Revolution Will Be Printed In 3D
A few years ago a 3D printer was an almost mythical device that only large corporations had. Now you can buy them at office supply stores. From bio-printing to complex multi-material printers, how will this amazing new technology transform the way we work and live?
Sunday  1:00 PM  Trinity VI

I think I'm going to be a little busy this weekend! lol!

Hope to see you there!

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