Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Picture Kaleidoscope 6/24/15 - A-kon 2015

Good morning all!

As always, A-kon was full of costumes!

Look at that hat! 

Black Butler - knives and all!

His armor really did look nice!

This one was fantastic! Floating ball and all! 

Cosplayers Assemble!

Beautiful fairy goodness!

The hand armor looked so neat.

Frolicking angels?

This can't end well. :P

All decked out for trouble. heh heh


Ah, my brother came to his first anime convention ever to help us out. This was the line he stood in to get us some grub. Thanks Bro!

Black Crows in the House! 

Isn't she adorable?

Blinged out from top to bottom.

Dragonball's Mr. Satan! (A super softie dude)

Those WILL put an eye out! lol. Fab costume.

Even demons like their bling. Love those ears!

Imposing, no?

Not sure if it is Tony Stark as a bee or something else...?

Hawkgirl - doesn't she look fab?!

Game of Thrones cast! They looked great!

Some of the goodies available this year.

So many temptations

Love, love, love this one! Didn't the costume come out amazing?!

This one too!

Soul Eater peeps!

A prim and proper princess for sure. :)

May the day be good to you!

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