Sunday, May 10, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Skyrim 5/10/15

Morning! Running late!
Major storms in the area and catching up on sleep trying to avoid a cold! Wheee!


Another section of caves we're moving through to escape to the surface


The sky gods are angry

Ancient stones my guide tells me about.

Each stone represents a different skill. You can only pick one. Will give you an extra %

My guide's uncle's town.

His uncle's home

Oh, that's me! lol. Playing with crafting a little.

Isn't it calming?

My eventual destination - looks like a nice city.

A tavern and more. Nice! Loved the butterflies here. You can see one by the fire.

Tavern's proprietor. He does not take kindly to stealing. The game taunts you to do it. ALL the TIME! Ack!

Have a great day!

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