Monday, May 04, 2015

Mind Sieve 5/4/15

Once more unto the breach!

Man, it's like Trailer Explosion of DOOM this week! Dang!

Fan Fun

The Last Witch Hunter Official Teaser Trailer #1 - Oh this looks wicked! I'm in!

Legend Official International Teaser Trailer - you don't normally think of Britain having gangsters but it is an international occupation. Heh

Bilal Official Trailer - lovely animation and looks fun!

Attack on Titan Trailer 2 - Live action Attack on TITAN! Holly molly.

The Leviathan Trailer - CGI looks fantastic but the refresh rate was low, so I got dizzy watching it. Hope the actual film doesn't do the same. :(

Maggie Trailer - A parents worst nightmare! Kid turning slowly into a zombie. Eek!

Predator: Dark Ages - OMG! Predator comes hunting during the Crusades! ROFL. 

Okay, the trailers took over the blog post. And this isn't even all of them! Holly cow it's like a trailer invasion!

Have a great week!

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