Monday, April 27, 2015

Mind Sieve 4/27/15

Morning, all!
Let's see what trouble we can get into today. :)

Fan Fun

Black Mass Official Trailer - has loads of people I like, but not sure its my cup of tea. Hmm

Area 51 Official Trailer 1 - Sounds interesting but tons of shaky cam, so nooooo...

The Visit Trailer 1 - I am on a bad streak - another one to avoid and MORE shaky cam. Wah!

TUT Official Trailer - okay, this could be interesting. Historically accurate? No idea.

Social Media/Author Platform

How to Live-Tweet and Event to Help Your Business from the Social Media Examiner - article by Liz Azyan. I sorta do some of this... Err...

How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Mobile Users from the Social Media Examiner - article by Julia Borgini. Some definite stuff to keep in mind!

Writing Advice

What Advice Do You Need? by Jami Gold. Hah! Another convert to the Beard! Heh heh. Great advice too. :)

Okay, bailing. Have fun!

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