Monday, March 09, 2015

MInd Sieve 3/9/15

Let's see how far I get!

Fan Fun

Let's play a game with Animals from Maroon 5 - replace the word Animals with Hannibal. Oh it fits so good! Heh heh

Mr. Holmes Teaser Trailer #1 - Old Holmes with Alzheimers. Ugh the dread of a degrading mind. Eek!

Self/less Trailer - Oh! Hello Heinlein! This looks fun!

Social Media/Author Platform

5 Pinterest Image Styles That People Love to Share by Cynthia Sanchez at the Social Media Examiner.

How To Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts From Social Networks by Andy Crestodina at the Social Media Examiner. Ack! I need to get on the ball on this one.

Ack, got derailed by the last article. Had to go check things. lol.
Hope you have an awesome week!

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