Sunday, February 22, 2015

Virtual Tourist - TERA 2/22/15

Morning everyone!

Finally have a weekend to myself. Yay! Conventions back to back and the evil day job are not good for blogging. lol.


Pretty, pretty kitty. Heh heh

Foreboding looking places

That is one cool heater.

I'm a scuker for floating stones. lol. The blockiness of the ruins behind it are unusual

Pretty! But cold!


Back to the elven city.

I do love the cool magical water. Pretty plants too!

And the architecture? Squee!

Very imposing

Lovely detail.

The elven leader is an odd one, but beautiful. 

Vision of days past.

Cool no?

And that floor tile! So cool!

That is one cool image!

Love in War?

Alliances made? Too long since I took these pics to recall. Wah!

Hope your upcoming week is fab!

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