Sunday, January 04, 2015

Virtual Tourist - Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment 1/4/15

Morning all!
Finally figured out how to take pics in the new game. Feel stupid as F12 worked like a champ. DOH!
So I am some ways in and can't show you the Roman baths and ruins which were fantastic. The attention to detail was fabulous! (May have to go back later! The game overrides itself and saving is not up to you, so...)

Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment

Case 5 - Kew Gardens

Game opening screen. Unreal engine

Back area of the Kew Gardens. Quite funny snippet on why we came out here and then stumbled on the murder. Watson was too funny. :P

Other Kew Garden buildings as seen from the back

Sherlock and the Seed House

FInally remembered how to change perspective so I can have pics without him in them. Heh. Look at that sky!

Gorgeous detail on this tree.

Sherlock and Watson. Once into the work, you won't want to talk to Watson, he just gives the same opinion. lol.

View of part of the Colonial Collection from outside the greenhouse. The wisteria out here was lovely!

Administrative offices and front of the Kew Gardens.

When you go to speak to someone, one of the first things I always do is what Sherlock does, click the portrait picture and look over the person to gain clues about them

The tropical green house

When you get clues, you go into this screen and make connections. They form up like synapsis/ganglia and they starts connecting to each other

When moving to other places on the map, you watch them in the carriage. The outside scenes change and the people inside will change depending on who's riding along. Also gives you time to check cloues and look at the case book.

221B Baker Street - front area

221B Baker Street back of the room

Scotland Yard

When looking at stuff, you go into a different screen and can turn things in different directions to pick up more info.

Back to Kew Gardens

Sherlock having a dialogue with a possible suspect

Really lovely work on the gardens!

Administrators office at Kew Gardens

Safe's lock, which is also a puzzle.

Took a bit to get started on the very first screen as some there's no intro on how to move and do, though once you figure it out, it's much better. The repartee between Holmes and Watson is very good, and Watson brings up stuff he was miffed at Holmes for from previous cases. Heh heh.

Have a great Sunday!

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