Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Picture Kaleidoscope 1/7/15

Life conspired against the Picture Kaleidoscope post last week, but not this week!
Have all sorts of weird stuff. I'll try not to get carried away. :)

We hardly ever get fog. But we got fog here! Lots of strange weather this winter.

But the skies have been fabulous!

Got an almost X-File feel to it, doesn't it? Heh heh

Hey, is that a UFO? (Airport is nearby. So probably a plane. But didn't notice it till now! lol)

Look at the COLORS!!!! Aren't they amazing?

Walked to my car and BAM - Grapevine train going by! 


Somewhat muted here in comparison. Heh

The sky was just funky! My turning not so even though...

In-Laws have the coolest Christmas Village!

Aren't they neat? 

Now we just need some train tracks. Bwahahahahaha!

A couple of closeups for detail

So cute!

Yes, yes, YES! The Dancing Groot Pop figures are out!!!!! He's so CUTE! (Mine, mine, mine!)

This cheered me up the other day when I was bummed from all the OT at work. An adorable teapot shaped like an elephant with rider! Isn't it adorable? 

So much cuteness! YES!

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