Sunday, December 14, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 12/14/14

I'd hoped to share some screenprints of Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment, but the usual pic taking keys didn't seem to work in the game. :(  I'll figure out something eventually. Not that I have TIME to play anything of late. (This will be hurried to as I am doing it the night before, unlike the morning as usual - I have to go into work on a Sunday - waaaaahhhh)


He's got such an awesome face. No?

Neat obelisks

From the side


Everything here glows. Like we've gone to the world of the Navi.

Aren't those pretty?

Check out that sky!

Funky flowers everywhere!


This world never sees true darkness

Even floating flowers


Hope your Sunday is better than mine! :P

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