Sunday, November 09, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 11/9/14


Val Aureum (I think)

A huge field of ruins. Massive looking area!

Closer to the main set.

Love me some glowing inscribed obelists!

Amazing detail on the stone walls

Neat (and kinda scary) stature

The stone work above her is very cool.

Big things that are trying to kill us!

Dark Cathedral (I think)

Inside the ruins

Just look at this place! Awesome!

Partial hubby photo bomb

This definitely focuses your attetion to the center area. Heh heh

And the detail on this hallway - nice!

Candelabra and possibly stained glass ceiling!

Baddies as part of the decor. Heh heh. Look at that floor!

Not a good place to be!

Something not good is happening here. :)

Look at the awesome stone work! Drool.

Have a great week!

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