Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope 10/22/14 - Fan Days 2014 Edition


Took a ton of pics over the weekend while at Fan Days 2014. Lots of super awesome costumes!

The daughter and I have a new banner, one big enough to compete with all the artists in the artist alley section. Help us stick out a little more. Heh heh

The calm before the storm.

A furry, not only dressed up as a character from Attack From Titan but doing the actual salute! Floored me. lol. 

The CDC and Military were also in attendance. Playing the Happy song.

Terri was a bad boy.

Hah! Forgot I did this more than once.

Chill Dude, you make it!

Friend Jackie selling her cool hats and drink cozies. The R2D2 cozy is so cool!

Ladies of fantasy

The Three Faces of Cobra Commander! Decisive


Whimsical? lol

All sorts of heroes came on by!

Wizards too!

Don't they look awesome?

Zoom in on the two fairies. Weirdest hairdos ever. I should have a better pic farther down. 

The costume behind the shield was even more awesome!

School girl demons?

Spy vs. Spy with accessories. heh heh.

Everything is awesome!

Deep sea diver of DOOM. Didn't get a shot of his giant drill. Darn

Aha, here's the two funky fairies!

Captain American better watch out.

You have to zoom in to see the awesomeness of this unusual costume. She has mimicked the old fashioned art style with her own body. Too cool!

And she had a buddy!

Green Goblin and a Storm/Thor mashup!

The Kree came to visit. RUN!

This year's awesome Dalek mashup - The Baroness Dalek by Taylor Lymberry. Sweet!

I thought this one was fantastic! Looked beyond awesome!

Red Skull is in the house!

You'll need to see the bigger pic to see the super cool dots and makeup on her face. Too awesome.

A balloon, dancing TARDIS. Even had sound effects. lol

Davros the creator of the Daleks. He looked fantastic!

Vulcans and tribbles, oh my!

The Captain and friend? :)

And I probably only saw a small percentage of the awesome costumes. Dang!

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