Sunday, August 03, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 8/3/14

Morning all!

Celestial Hills

Lovely and colorful terrain, no?

The big city can be seen in the distance.

Love the pegasus rides!

Overview of the rocks in the Celestial Hills

Cute little miss.

Main City - Arcadia

Pegasus view time!

The city just looks so cool!

Sweet Centurion like armor and shield in the hallways leading to the main governing hall.

The Big A**hole giving us missions. He's a piece of work. And might be corrupt

Nice video play showing me getting a backhanded thanks from the Douche.

Look at that awesome floor!

Neat no?

Runway out of the city on the pegasus

A giant flying fish in the horizon!!!!

Cliff of Insanity

Yeah, not a good sign

Look at the giant eek!

Latests duds. :P

The weird rock formations give it a funky look, no?

Have a great Sunday!

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