Sunday, August 17, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 8/17/14

Let's see if my plans work out...

Arcadia's Floating Temple

Truly beautiful temple

The goddess tells me things are not as they seem

Urges me to be careful

Hm, last shot going back to the Cliffs? We've forgotten something somewhere. Heh

Val Aureum

Some great views as we fly in


Really neat little place

Loved their water maker

Looking down into the mine area not far from Chebika

Some strange and cool stuff here.

Neat, no?

And some definitely creepy areas. 

Very creepy

Teleporter Door deep in the mines

Closer look at the teleporter

Mystery man

Horns all over the place!

Day 3 at Animefest! Heh heh

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