Sunday, August 10, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 8/10/14


Cliffs of Insanity

Really a cool looking coffin.

Weird things glowing in the eternal night.

And some of the weirdest vampires ever!

Ruins surrounding the entrance to a dungeon.

Giant spider things of doom! Things are nasty!

We ventured into the dungeon just to see if two people could do it.

Male version of the vamps

So far so good!

Le Creepy!

New armor. Just before we were totally squashed into oblivion. Too hard for two. :(

She's just so adorable!!!!!


Cool flaming phoenix mount! 

Main City - Arcadia

Speaking to the Goddess. She speaks of hidden evil

Temple floating way above the city. Lovely!

Super cool floor of the open temple.

View of the city from the temple. Breathtaking!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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