Sunday, July 06, 2014

Virtual Tourist - TERA 7/6/14

I'm up!
But so sleepy today....


Leaving the big city to the country!

(Insert Dr Who theme here)

The lovely mountains! 

Lumberjack Village - main place to go back to in this particular map.

Super weird lifting contraption at a farm.

Lovely waterfalls!

Weird plants in some ruins where fairies hang out.

Ruin area

Isn't she cute?

Not so cute. Something that's messing with the fairies's heads.

Cool altar and bad guy

Heading back

Alchemy Room in the crafting area

Glowing horsie!

Really love how they did Arcadia!

Beautiful views as we use the pegasus system to go to another zone.

Woods with a touch of  swamp. Lots of strange fauna and flora

Mean old plant. They are everywhere!


I love the spirit flames!

Another view

Weird fire pot, no?

Been going virtual picture taking crazy in this game. Heh heh.
Have an awesome Sunday!

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