Monday, June 02, 2014

Mind Sieve 6/2/14

A new week! New challenges! More stuff to do! Woot!

Fan Fun

The Strain Trailer for FX - finally! A trailer for this series with some substance. lol. Should be a fun one.

Big Hero 6 UK Trailer - this looks so CUTE!

Magic in the Moonlight - looks totally cute.

The Book of Life Official Trailer - more cuteness!!!!!

Social Media/Author Platform

The Disease of Self-Importance - Can We Find a Cure? by Kristen Lamb. Not what you think it is about, but actually quite important all the same.

Mobile Social Media Marketing from the Social Media Examiner - article by Debbie Hemley. Ack, more stuff to worry about~!

Writing Advice

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig - Writer's Block Might Be: - Great post about the invisible killers. Nice~!

The Value of "Crap" Jobs by Jami Gold. Great advice on attitude and that no job, no matter how crappy, is entirely wasted. Woot!

May your week be calm and fruitful! Till next time. :)

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