Sunday, May 18, 2014

Virtual Tourist - Wildstar 5/18/14


Didn't get to play on the beta this weekend due to Dallas ComicCon but got plenty of pics last week. :)

A better picture of my mechanical self. 

Ancient Communication facility on Nexus. Truly impressive.

Some of the other available races. 

The communications relay. This place is just massive.

Active node.

Inside the giant complex

The AI who runs the place. Also the datacube storing unimaginable amounts of data.

Some evil little mutant thingies.

Why yes, you have to fight the giant thing. Why do you ask? Heh heh.

Inside the temple in one of the towns.

Super cute and actually a little scary furry race. She likes shinnies! Heh heh.

Gotta get back to DCC. Have an awesome morning, ya'll!

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