Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Picture Kaleidoscope - Dallas Comic Con 5/28/14

Trying to get life back on schedule. :)

Anyway, here's pics from the recent Dallas Comic Con

Daughter's first attempt at a chain mail dragon. Isn't she cute?

Muscular, no?

Booth mate next to us. 

She is a dead ringer for the girl in How To Train Your Dragon, no? So cute!

Very creepy.

Old style Mystique! Yeah!

Dragons came to Dallas Comic Con!

Taylor Lymberry gave us - Lilu Dalekpass!

Aren't his wings awesome?

Other nearby authors. Love their cover art and how merged it into the banner like that. 

Artists, artists, everywhere!

Our super scrunched display. We're going to have to go to two tables.

More art!


I loved her Sherlock and Dean Winchester at off angles. 

Ninja Turtles made an appearance. :)

Sherlock and Irene Addler. So cute!

Adventure Time TV

Luke's Speeder from Episode 4


Jeep from Jurassic Park

And Baby - the Winchester's Sweet ride.

Baby's truck, which I still somehow managed to put in here upside down. DOH!

Have a great Wednesday!

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