Sunday, April 06, 2014

Virtual Tourists - Thief 4/6/14


Streets, my apprentice's place, and the hidden red light business.

Lots of places you can sneak into on the streets. Also get some mini-missions from the fence.

Poor side of town. And the mini map I kept forgetting to turn off before taking a pic. Doh!

Loads of funky stuff out here.

Weird energy I keep seeing all over the place. A lot more of it at my apprentice's place.

She's got traps too.

Then it all goes WEIRD!

She's talking to me. Encouraging me forward. Revealing bits of her past and giving me riddles.

Weird stuff in here.

She says I will find here secrets there - at the city's most famous whorehouse. 

An old church. Ruins are beyond extensive, yet no one seems to know it's here anymore. 

Some gorgeous architecture here.

Love the stained glass!

A water pipe, I believe. There's all sorts of odd things at this place.

May you be rested and re-energized today. :)

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